By Dan Dunn for Food & Wine, June 2017

Vodka has been around for roughly 1,200 years, give or take a century, and for most of that time it’s producers have been decidedly not American— mainly Russians, Pols and Swedes. Given that vodka is the most oft-quaffed spirit in the U.S., it was only a matter of time before some industrious stateside distillers decided to muscle in on the colorless/odorless/flavorless liquor action. I mean, Sweden? Seriously? C’mon! America’s not taking a backseat to the same people who make SAABs! And Poland? If it takes four Polish guys just to screw in a lightbulb, imagine how many are needed to produce a bottle of vodka. (According to Siri, it takes half a Polish guy).

Over the past decade, the success enjoyed by U.S.-based vodka brands such as SKYY and Tito’s set the stage for what is now a full-blown vod-splosion in this country. Chances are you haven’t sampled the wares of many small batch producers. Oh, but I have. I’ve sampled artisinal vodka all over this country my friends. Because the only thing I love more than my country, is getting blotto in my country. So America, this buzz is for you.

Hanson of Sonoma Original Organic Vodka
Speaking of water, Sonoma Valley Artesian well water is no joke either, but if it were, “half a Polish guy” would make for a great punchline, wouldn’t it? In addition to the well water, this vodka is made with white grapes. Each bottle is hand stamped, numbered, signed and approved by a member of the Hanson family (this is a different alcohol producing Hanson family). It’s certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO verified. In other words, it’s every Park Slope vodka lover’s wet dream.
SRP: $35.

Read the rest of the article here or cut to the vodka and shop Hanson now.

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