Flavored vodka is a polarizing subject. Most people either love the fact that you can get a vodka in nearly any flavor under the sun, or think they’re pretty gross and that nothing should taste like cake other than cake. While some flavors should probably be avoided at all costs (wasabi? Cotton candy? Cinnamon bun?) there are plenty of unique vodkas that step up a cocktail’s yum factor. Most brands ranging from the major players to the budget-friendly offer some type of flavored vodka, many made with all natural ingredients, real fruit macerations and innovative spice, fruit and even botanical taste profiles. In honor of the holidays and fun cocktails, here are our top picks for flavored vodkas.

Hanson of Sonoma

Hanson of Sonoma offers four flavors of vodka, each one unique in its taste profile. There’s Organic Cucumber that’s reminiscent of an invigorating spa water with a minty finish; Organic Ginger with hints of chili and pepper spice on the finish; Organic Mandarin, a bold spirit with flavors of lemon and passionfruit; and finally Organic Habanero, which not surprisingly packs some heat, making for a sweet and savory libation. Hanson of Sonoma is non-gmo, gluten free and USDA organic. These award-winning bottles can be purchased online. Price; $35.99/bottle



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