A night of craft cocktails & reverie at a historic San Francisco spot

Sometimes, we hit the town – and when we do, we always make sure to bring enough vodka for all our friends! Our Tosca Party featured several handcrafted cocktails made specifically by Isaac Shumway to suit our vodkas and to pair with the updated classic Italian bites Tosca is famous for. It was such an honor to be able to host a party celebrating our innovative, organic, grape-based vodka in a space that holds such a significant place in San Francisco history. As Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle puts it, “Tosca is a place that celebrates San Francisco, a place where everyone can feel at home.” And this is exactly why we chose Tosca to celebrate our vodka: as a family owned and operated spirits company, we value community above all. The night was an absolute blast, with our friends, family, and fans all mixing, mingling and communing over cocktails and food, and we can’t wait for the next one! Below, recipes from the event so you can relive the moment, and a gallery of our favorite shots to reminisce on!


Isaac from Tosca’s Polo Cup:

1.5 oz Hanson Original Vodka
1 oz Elderflower syrup
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 dash of Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
2 Cucumber slices
4 Basil Leaves
7 Mint Leaves
2 oz Fever Tree Soda

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker very hard. Add Soda and Double strain over fresh ice in a Collins Glass. Add a cucumber ribbon, Basil and mint Bouquet for Garnish. 

Isaac from Tosca’s Flying Clipper:

1.5 oz Hanson Ginger Vodka
.75 oz Hand Pressed Lime juice
.75 oz Small Hand Foods Grenadine
.25 oz Ginger Solution
2 dashes of Absinthe

Combine all ingredients into a Cocktail Shaker. Shake, and Double strain into a Double Old Fashioned Glass over Fresh Ice. Garnish with a lime Wheel or Spiral

Ginger Solution: Combine Equal parts Ginger juice with Cold Simple Syrup

Good Head: (Vesper variation) Named after Holly Goodhead from James Bond’s Moonraker Movie)

1.5 oz Hanson Mandarin Vodka
.75 oz Lillet Blanc
.5 oz Cachaça
1 Bar Spoon/ 1/8oz of Dolin Blanc Vermouth

Combine all Ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir with ice until Chilled.
Strain into a cocktail glass, spritz a lemon Peel over and put in drink

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