How we joined together with the California Artisan Distillers Guild to pass Assembly Bill 1233
One of the great things about starting a craft spirits business in America is the freedom of enterprise, and the ability to truly start from nothing and build a successful small business. Another great thing is the ability to stand up and speak out when you want to change something that hinders that freedom of enterprise.

On March 3rd, 2015, Scott Hanson represented Hanson Spirits, LLC, along with the California Artisan Distillers Guild as a proponent of Assembly Bill 1233. This bill would allow craft distillers to sell limited spirits out of their tasting room, something that seems obvious and necessary to business. Wineries sell huge amounts of wine out of their tasting rooms – it’s one of the best ways to offset costs of building, maintaining, and running that tasting room. As a spirits brand, we are even more limited in our ability to ship out of state; Assembly Bill 1233 would allow us to not only continue to build our small business success via tasting room sales, but it would give visitors from out of state the chance to bring home our vodka with minimal hassle on their end. In the end, the bill passed – a victory not just for us, but for craft distilleries across the state, an industry we are proud to be a part of.

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