Hanson Hand Sanitizers

Hanson Hand Sanitizers

With our Governor’s recent Executive Order plus Alcoholic Beverage Controls approval, we’ve decided to do our part and use our stills to make hand sanitizers which are so scarce right now.

Our first batch of hand sanitizers went to first responders. We are now offering them to our Hanson community for a minimal charge while they last.

You can now purchase our new 70% alcohol hand sanitizers (the World Health Organization calls for hand sanitizers to be at least 60% alcohol).


We decided to fire up our stills and create a hand sanitizer using our organic grape based spirits. Following the Center for Disease Control formula we made a 70% alcohol by volume hospital grade Hand Sanitizer.


For every bottle of Hand Sanitizer, you purchase to donate to a First Responder – Hanson Distillery will match your donation with 2nd bottle of Hand Sanitizer. We are currently matching Hand Sanitizer bottle donations for the UCSF Zuckerberg General Hospital.

Grateful & Appreciative

We want to personally thank each of the people below for donating Hanson Sanitizer to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. We are excited and happy to match their donations.

Julie & Seth Jacobs

Diane Larson

Charlene Kon

Kurt Benner

Daniel Grubman

Mary DuSablon

Suzanne Ryning

Sunshine Roybal

Marica Sanders

Leah Phillips

Karin Murphy

Shannon Davito

Austin Loose

Jason Silver

Bruce McKay

David Magnuson

Claudine & Martine

Cheryl Ohashi

Michael Hall

Katherine Watkins

Jill Sherwood

Maria & James Mazzaferri/Murray

Jeanne Harvey

Connie Hovenden

Nancy Lumer

Diane Liu

Mark Brown

Andrew Brook

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