Brunch – a beloved social affair cherished by many, and dare we say – one of our favorite meals. It’s not just about the food; it’s an experience, a celebration of leisure and camaraderie. Elevating your brunch game requires more than just delicious dishes; it calls for a theme that sets the tone and adds an extra layer of excitement. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or a lavish affair, here are five fun and unique themes for your next brunch party, each paired with a artistic cocktail idea featuring Hanson of Sonoma Vodka.

Bohemian Garden Party Transport your guests to a whimsical oasis with a Bohemian Garden Party theme.

Decorate your space with vibrant tapestries, floor cushions, florals, candles and dreamy string lights. The more textures and patterns, the better! The dress code? Maxi dresses & flowy skirts – shoes optional (but of course). Pair this enchanting ambiance with a refreshing “Garden Spritz” cocktail. Mix Hanson of Sonoma Meyer Lemon Vodka with elderflower liqueur, muddled cucumber, fresh mint, and a splash of sparkling water for a drink that’s as refreshing as a summer breeze.

Vintage Tea Party Step back in time with a Vintage Tea Party theme.

Set the scene with lace tablecloths, mismatched teacups, and delicate floral arrangements. Encourage guests to dress in their finest vintage attire for added flair. Serve classic tea sandwiches like cucumber & cream cheese, scones with clotted cream and jam, and, for dessert – macaroons. Complement the elegance of the occasion with a sophisticated “Lavender Lemonade Martini.” Combine Hanson of Sonoma Cucumber Vodka with lavender syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a splash of dry vermouth for a cocktail that’s both fragrant and refined.

Barbie Brunch Party Step back in time with a Vintage Tea Party theme.

Make all your pink dreams come true and step into a world of glitz and glamour with a Barbie-themed brunch extravaganza! Transform your space into a mini-Barbie dream house, complete with fun pink décor & accessories. Encourage guests to dress up like their favorite Barbie, and put on the Barbie soundtrack to get the vibe going! Serve up a fabulously vibrant “Pink Dream Martini”, a take on the classic Cosmo. Combine Hanson of Sonoma Original Vodka with raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar – rim with pink sea salt for added flair!

Farm-to-Table Brunch Celebrate the bounty of the season with a Farm-to-Table Brunch theme.

Decorate with rustic touches like burlap table runners, mason jar vases filled with wildflowers, and wooden crates overflowing with fresh produce. Create a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, from farm-fresh eggs to artisanal cheeses and homemade preserves. What to wear? Anything goes here – but our call would be for comfy, casual basics. For a cocktail that captures the essence of the farm, serve a “Berry Basil Smash.” Muddle fresh berries and basil leaves with Hanson of Sonoma Vodka, lemon juice, and a drizzle of honey for a drink that’s as refreshing as a stroll through the farmers’ market.

Amalfi-Inspired Brunch Indulge in the charm and flavors of Southern Italy with an Amalfi coast-themed brunch.

Transport yourself to coastal Italy bustling streets of Rome or the serene countryside of Tuscany as we celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Italy. From savory antipasti to mouthwatering pasta dishes and gelato, this brunch our menu is a love letter to Italian food & beverage. Decorate with blues, whites, and lots of lemons! Italian-themed sundresses are the way to go for this brunch. We couldn’t choose just one cocktail for these occasion – so let your guests sip on a refreshing take on an Aperol Spritz with Hanson of Sonoma Meyer Lemon Vodka, Aperol, prossecco, sparkling water and an orange slice – or a velvety Hanson Espresso Martini made with Hanson of Sonoma Espresso Vodka, organic agave nectar, and fresh cold-brewed coffee (no cream here, this is as authentic as it gets)! Buon appetito!

5 Fun, Unique Themes for Your Next Brunch Party (+ Cocktail Ideas!)

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