The beverage aisle of your local grocery store is lined with adaptogenic, probiotic, sparkling, functional drinks – and that trend has finally made its way to the spirits section. We’ve long had a wide selection of cold-pressed juices, aloe drinks, and kombucha – but when it comes to healthier alcoholic beverages, the options have been limited. That’s all changing now.

At home happy hours boomed during the pandemic, and have no sign of slowing down. The conscious cocktail drinker is now looking for healthier options when it comes to stocking their at-home bar. Not just that, they are looking for healthier options that actually taste good – and that matches their mood (think a spicy ginger-y Moscow Mule or a fresh watermelon margarita). 

Clean wine and low-ABV canned drinks have started to gain popularity, and now cocktail lovers can also rejoice! Craft distillers are now leaning in towards creating organic spirits using better-for-you ingredients. One example? Hanson of Sonoma, a distillery based in California’s wine country, makes their vodka from organic grapes – which means it’s gluten-free (and celiac-friendly!). Plus, when the grapes are distilled all sugars are left behind.

Not all forms of alcohol are created equal. Vodka is low in both calories and has been said to improve blood circulation, with a vodka soda being known as one of the healthier drink orders. An even healthier option? A specialty cocktail made with organic vodka and freshly pressed vegetable juice (our 24 Karat cocktail is a great option – and you can probably find lots of other recipes for boozy green juices on goop or bon appetit magazine). You could also opt for a Bloody Mary, loaded up with all the antioxidants and lycopene from tomatoes. Any of these would beat out a rum & coke any day.

Hanson bloody mary cocktail surrounded by its ingredients

One of our favorite things about Hanson vodka are their organic fruit infusions. Made with hand-peeled, locally sourced organic fruit – and without any artificial flavorings, added sugars, or fake anything, they offer unique flavors like Ginger vodka, Habanero vodka, and Cucumber vodka. Mixed with a splash of club soda and garnished with citrus for a little kick of Vitamin C, you’ll have an easy-to-make cocktail you can feel good about imbibing in. 

Peeling of lemons for Hanson fruit infusions

Here are some of our favorite tips for creating a ‘better for you cocktail’, or for when you just want to feel a little less guilty about a weeknight libation.

  1. Opt for an organic, gluten-free vodka like Hanson of Sonoma vodka – that will leave you feeling perfectly fine in the morning (and ready for that yoga class!). Expertly distilled and free from any artificial ingredients, their infusions are perfectly paired with soda water to create a low-calorie spritz, one of our favorite healthy cocktail recipes.
  2. Moderation is key. When it comes to healthier drinking, think quality over quantity. Try making a cocktail with 1oz of alcohol instead of 1.5oz. If you’re using a mixer, this means you can also use less (which is an added bonus if your mixer contains sugar).
  3. Get creative with healthy ingredients. Get your nutrients in while imbibing! Think beet juice, turmeric, coconut water, and pomegranate juice. By adding in these healthy ingredients, you’re getting in some extra vitamins – which is always a win.

Hanson mandarin vodka used in a cocktail it has been used in

Cocktail’s Latest Craze – Alcohol that’s Better For You

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