We believe that quality is something you can taste. That’s why we source our grapes from organic vineyards.
They say good vodka is tasteless, but we disagree: good vodka should taste great.

Simple. Because grapes make better vodka.

To make vodka out of grapes, first you have to make wine. There’s a reason no one else is doing this – it’s not easy.

But we believe in taking risks, and fortunately this one paid off. The vodka made from organic grapes turned out to taste better than any we’d had before, and with that, we felt we had found our place in the craft spirits market.

We’re pretty proud of our unique process and the vodka it produces, and sincerely hope you enjoy what we do.


Our pot and 50 plate column still was custom-made in Germany, but we put it together (along with a vast majority of our equipment) with our own two (okay, maybe a few more than that) hands.

When we got into the spirits business we knew we wanted to make a superior product; that meant not only did our recipe have to be better, but so did our process.

The tools we use enable us to create a product unlike any other we’ve seen on the market. We welcome you to stop by our distillery in Sonoma and check it out for yourself.

Organic Fruit Infusions

Our fruit infusions are: Hand-peeled. Organic. And best of all, real. We use organic fruit for our infused vodkas because we like to drink real vodka. No artificial flavorings, added sugars, or fake anything. Plus, we love supporting the farmers in our community who work incredibly hard to create a quality product – just like we do.


To make infused vodka, first we have to prep the ingredient. That means peeling and chopping by hand hundreds of pounds of organic mandarins, cucumbers, habaneros, ginger, or whatever other infusions we’re experimenting with.

The next step is to macerate it in our pure, Organic Original vodka until the flavor has sufficiently infused. The last step? Bottle it up for you to enjoy in your craft cocktails or (as we like to enjoy) straight up.
Because when the flavors are real, you want to taste them.

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